The Arhangai Province & The Ancient Capital of Karkhorum

j4Kharkhorum is located in the open steppe on the banks of the Orkhon River in central Mongolia. It was founded in 1220 by Genghis Khan as a military center. The name means black stones or black walls. Here you can explore the ruins of an ancient kingdom’s capital which included an artist quarter, a market and a palace.
Arhangai Province is one of the most beautiful provinces in Mongolia with mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and forests.
You will set out from a rural ger camp. This is an opportunity to see Mongolian countryside life up close. You will see how Mongolians manage large herds and how they depend on their animals and animal products for every facet of their lives.

Day 1: (optional) Drive to Khustai National Park where you will see wild horses (“takhi”) and camp for the night.  In the morning tour Kharkhorum ( Erdene Zuu Monastery )

We will camp in  Elsen Tasarkhai sand is sodden under its surface, so shrubberies such as willow, elm and dogwood, grow in the area. There are many tourist camps around Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes. Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes is surrounded by Mount Khugnu Khan on the north and Mount Ikh Mongol on the south.

Day 2: Drive to Khar Khorum and Erdene Zuu Monastery , a few hours driving and then arrive in Arhangai province. Spend the day with Stepperiders’ Mongolian family and their animals.  Stay the night in a ger.

Day 3:  Head out on a 4-6 day trek customized to your schedule and interests through steppe, mountains, and forest.  Camp under the stars. Your trek through stunning Arhangai province will be designed for your schedule and desires.  Just let us know what you want and we will do our best to make it happen!

Last day:  We will drive you back to either the Stepperiders camp or Ulaanbataar.


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