Manzushir Monastery

622403_10151145186276204_2024309853_oDo all of the riding in the Bogd Khan Uul trip (above), plus visit Manzushir Monastery. Set in the beautiful tree-lined valleys of the Bogdkhan Uul National Park, this monastery, first established in 1733, once boasted 20 temples and over 300 monks.  The monastery was a center of learning in Mongolia, including schools of medicine, astrology and philosophy. Like most monasteries in Mongolia it was destroyed in the Stalinist purges of the 1930s.  The only remaining temple has been restored and made into a museum. The museum includes religious paintings (“tanka”), Buddhist relics, and musical instruments. Also on the grounds are a bronze cauldron dating back to 1726, ruins of the original monastery, and some Buddhist paintings above the temple. It’s worth the climb up just for the view down the gorgeous valley.

Day 1: Ride through the beautiful forested areas of Bogd Khan Uul National Park and camp overnight.

Day 2: Explore the monastery at leisure. Have lunch. Ride out of the park to the open steppes where you can gallop across the vast plains of Mongolia.  Camping with open fire and stars above.

Day 3: Ride back to Stepperiders over mountain and valley.


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Bogd-Khan Uul National Park Mongolia

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