Customized Treks

622338_10151145181986204_1891807349_oIf you have the time and an adventurous spirit, we can design a custom trek for you up to 7 days on horseback. About 50% of our customers design their own custom treks. They tell us what their interests are and we map out a route that matches their desires. Depending on the route, the weather, your experience level, time of year, and happenstance, you might get any of the following:

    • Hours of riding across the great wide open steppes that makes Mongolia famous, with no fences to hinder your progress.
    • Beautiful views from mountain tops with no sign of the modern world in sight.
    • Ride to the peak of Bogd Khan Uul, a sacred mountain of over 2200 meters.
    • Invitations by passing herders to stop in for tea and a chat. This is almost inevitable and can be one of your most memorable experiences.
    • Catch a glimpse of wildlife such as wild sheep and goats. Above your head watch for many different kinds of birds –  kite, eagle, and vulture.
    • Pass large herds of animals tended by one or two people, often children on horseback.
    • Stop by our friend’s ranch about 2 days ride south of Stepperiders. You can pitch your tent on their property and stay as long as you like. You can help make cheese, yoghurt, and cream, round up the animals and milk them, or comb cashmere from the goats


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Bogdkhan Uul National Park Mongolia

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