Bogd Khan Uul National Park

622854_10151145513886204_234276614_oEnjoy the beautiful scenery in this protected park.  It’s one of the world’s oldest National Parks dating back to 1778 and is home to wildlife such as wolves, foxes, and endangered species of hare and deer. Possible options for hiking  to the summit of Tsetseegun Uul, the park’s highest peak at 2256m, Bogd Khan Uul was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on August 6, 1996 in the Cultural category. World Heritage sites are those that exhibit universal natural or cultural significance or both. At the  front side foot of Bogd Khan Uul national park you find the ruine of Manzushri monastery and the Zuun Mod sity, the capital of Tuv province.

Day 1: Ride from the Stepperiders camp to Bogd Khan National Park and beautiful open steppe and mountains and nice scenery .  Camp in the  forest .

Day 2: Tour the beautiful forested National Park and mountains on horseback and return to Stepperiders.




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Bogdkhan Uul National Park Mongolia

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